DynaRoad Ltd Consulting Products

DynaRoad Ltd is specialized in infrastructural projects. We study the project's character and phase together with the customer to determine the right need for services and make a clear list of goals. We offer a wide range of civil engineering services spanning from pre-planning to construction control. The aim of the service is to provide solutions for more controllable and risk free project execution. The services include among other things location based scheduling, management of mass usage and production control.

Our services provide an opportunity to utilize the results of sophisticated planning methods without burdening your own personnel resources. This way DynaRoad Ltd can also offer a risk free testing of the benefits of using the DynaRoad software.


The pre-planning services are aimed at early stages of the project. The services are mainly aimed at clients but can also interest contractors in cases where the design is included in the tender/bid. The main goals are to improve the accuracy of the project's cost assessment and to evaluate different design alternatives.

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Bid/Tender Calculation

The bid/tender calculation services help the contractor or project management consultant by providing fast and reliable information during the bid/tender phase of a project. The main goals are to improve the accuracy of the figures used in the bid/tender and to achieve competitive advantages through better solutions for execution.

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Production Planning

The production planning services are aimed at contractors and project management consultants with a newly won bid/tender. The sooner the project needs to start the greater the need for the DynaRoad services. The main goals are to create an executable resource based schedule and mass haul plan for the project, not forgetting risks and bottle necks related to the project execution.

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Production Control

The production control services are mainly aimed at contractors and project management consultants but can also interest clients that want more transparency and control over the project progress. The main goals are to achieve reliable and up-to-date information about the project progress; what is done vs. what is left to do, compared to original plans.

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