DynaRoad Speeds Up Scheduling in Homstvedt-Melleby

DynaRoad has helped NCC Construction in creating a detailed location based production plan that reduces risk level in the second phase of the Norwegian E18 Homstvedt-Melleby project.

Why NCC Chose DynaRoad

"DynaRoad gives us the ability to plan the big picture of a project relatively quickly at an early stage in the project," says Rune Landsverk, Planner at Special Projects Department, NCC Construction Norway.

"The result for us is that we can spend more time creating weekly and daily detailed production plans based on the master plan. DynaRoad is the perfect program to track schedule impacts of changes such as volume increases."

Rune Landsverk, satisfied DynaRoad user at NCC Construction Rune Landsverk, satisfied DynaRoad user at NCC Construction.

The Project

The Homstvedt-Melleby section of E18 includes 4.3 km of new motorway, a 150 meter tunnel with three lanes, four new bridges, and three culverts. Construction cost is NOK 387 million (EUR 53 million). The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is the owner of the project, which will be completed in summer 2014.

Homstvedt-Melleby work site E18 work site, image courtesy of Rune Landsverk. Click photo to enlarge.

More Information:

Marcus Bäck, marcus.back(at)dynaroad.com
Business Development Manager, DynaRoad Oy

NCC Construction is one of Norway's leading contractors. The Special Projects Department has large infrastructure projects as their specialty, including highways and earthworks as well as underground work in the form of tunnels, shafts and parking halls. NCC Group's turnover in Norway was roughly NOK 6.1 billion (EUR 830 million) in 2011. NCC Construction AS is a subsidiary of the Swedish construction group NCC AB.