Owner Benefits From DynaRoad Before Construction

DynaRoad Oy conducts a constructability review in two Finnish interchange projects that are in the construction planning stage. It gives the client a realistic understanding of project duration as well as a preliminary production plan, which can be presented to contractors to increase competition and innovation in tenders.

Why The Owner Commissioned a DynaRoad Review

Project Manager Antti Koski from the Finnish Transport Agency says, "Compared to traditional methods, a DynaRoad schedule that is linked to traffic staging plans gives the owner and contractors more information for tender calculation."

"DynaRoad helps us ensure that contractors are able to provide a feasible production plan in the bid/tender phase of complex projects like these. Especially handling the traffic staging in the Kehä III Lentoasemantie project would have been difficult without the help of DynaRoad."

He continues: "Commissioning this kind of a constructability analysis before tendering is a new development for the Finnish Transport Agency. It helps identify risks in production planning at an early stage, so that we have time to react to them during tendering."

The Projects:
  • Kehä III V4 - V7, i.e. improvement of Ring road III between Lahdenväylä and Porvoonväylä
  • Kehä III Lentoasemantie, i.e. improvement of Ring road III in the Lentoasemantie area

Both projects include building an interchange in a major urban transportation corridor with high traffic volumes in work zones. The projects are designed by A-Insinöörit Oy, for which DynaRoad works as a subconsultant. The two companies work together to create a realistic schedule and an adequate traffic staging plan.

The projects are part of phase two in the larger E18 / National road 50 (Ring road III) improvement plan. They are jointly owned by the Finnish Transport Agency, the city of Vantaa and the ELY Centre for Uusimaa.

More Information:

ELY Centre: Phase two in Ring III improvement (in Finnish)
FTA road planning process (PDF brochure)

Henry Stenberg
Tel. +358 40 557 3797
Product Manager, DynaRoad Oy

Antti Koski
Tel. +358 20 637 3546
Mobile +358 400 987 242
Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency

About Kehä III, Lentoasemantie: The Lentoasemantie area will be improved to secure smooth land traffic arrangements for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. A new interchange is built to replace the existing Tikkurilantie intersection, and functionality of the Lentoasemantie intersection is enhanced by ramp arrangements. This enables major traffic flow between Ring road III and Lentoasemantie to bypass all traffic lights.

Project cost is roughly EUR 50 million and construction begins in 2013.

About Kehä III, V4 - V7: A new interchange will be built to replace the current Fazerintie intersection and third lanes will be added to Ring road III in both directions between the Lahdenväylä and Porvoonväylä interchanges. After the improvements, traffic lights will be removed from Ring road III.

The benefit-cost ratio is 2.6 with an estimated project cost of EUR 42 million, according to the final engineering plan. The construction plan is finished in 2013 and construction starts in early 2014.