Veidekke Uses DynaRoad to Schedule Dovrebanen FP2

Veidekke Tunnel & Bergrum has chosen DynaRoad as the tool for production planning and follow-up of actual progress in the E6 Dovrebanen FP2 project. It is a NOK 1.6 billion (EUR 210 million) road and railway modernization project in Norway.

Why Veidekke Chose DynaRoad

“We have chosen DynaRoad to get a connection between the amounts and the machine capacities that are required to finish the project in time. Building tunnels sets high demands on the logistics. Using the Line-of-balance method (Time-location view) gives us a good overview where the activities are progressing in regards of time and location.” says Filip Wulkan, planning engineer for the FP2 project.

He continues, “DynaRoad is one of many tools that we have implemented as a step in our VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) and MI (coworker involvement) venture. DynaRoad gives us the opportunity to plan and visualize the schedule both on a Line-of-balance chart and on a map from an overview perspective. It's very important that everyone working on the project can understand and get involved in scheduling.”

The Project

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the National Rail Administration are the owners in the E6-Dovrebanen Joint Project. A four-lane motorway and a dual-track high-speed railway link are built between Brøhaug and Strandlykkja alongside Lake Mjøsa. The modernization project has been divided into three subsections: FP1, FP2 and FP3. The middle section FP2 includes:

  • 5.6 km four-lane E6 motorway, including the 2.3 km Morskog tunnel
  • 6.8 km dual-track railway, including the 3.9 km Ulvin tunnel and the 200 meter Morstua tunnel
  • 6 km of pedestrian and cycle paths (Mjøstråkk)

The contract for FP2 is jointly carried out by:

  • Hochtief Solutions 40 %
  • Veidekke Entreprenad Tunnel & Bergrum 30 %
  • Veidekke Entreprenør Distrikt Fjell 30 %

The motorway will be completed in October 2014 and the new dual-track railway in fall 2015.

More Information:

Veidekke press release about the contract

Filip Wulkan
Planning engineer on FP2
Veidekke Entreprenad AB
Region Tunnel & bergrum

Henry Stenberg
DynaRoad Oy

About Veidekke Group: Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors with 6,100 employees and a turnover of NOK 18 billion in 2011 (EUR 2.4 billion). Over half of Veidekke employees are co-owners, holding 20 % of shares between them. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has never declared a loss since it was founded in 1936.