Segermo Uses Sitelink3D Import in Jakobshyttan

Earthworks contractor Segermo and DynaRoad Oy work together in the construction phase of the Jakobshyttan railway passing station in Sweden. Segermo now uses DynaRoad and the Topcon Sitelink3D system to log real time as-built information from the site. The information gathered is used for supervision and control of the construction progress.

How Import from Topcon Sitelink3D Works

A mass haul plan and schedule was created together with Segermo AB. During construction, the completion degree of the plan updates automatically as material is hauled on the site and haul info is imported to DynaRoad. Load and dump events and hauls are tracked and compared to the plan. This makes it possible to see if the material has been used as planned and to forecast the upcoming.

The dumpers and other transport vehicles are using Topcon HT-30 haul tracking units. The GPS units are collecting on-site information to the Sitelink3D system. The information is then imported to DynaRoad where actual hauled quantities, material types as well as load and dump locations are updated to the DynaRoad plan.

The updated plan enables convenient reporting of progress, e.g. the amount of material planned to be hauled, actually hauled and left to haul. For a visual picture of the project status, it's possible to study the planned and actual progress in different scheduling views.

Project Engineer's Comments

Project engineer Martin Söder from Segermo AB said, "We use DynaRoad for planning the construction work and for follow-up of the mass hauls. We get valuable information about the actual hauled quantities and the production rates. The progress of the planned activities is shown in the time-location diagram (line-of-balance). The time-location diagram provides more information than a Gantt-chart since you can see both the timing and where on the road line the task is located. It also enables to see the connections and inter-dependencies between tasks."

Mr. Söder added, "The information about actual mass haul gathered on site gives me an insight about how the work is proceeding and, if we are behind or ahead of the schedule. The time-location diagram visualizes the progress in a good way and the information also supports decision-making."

Jakobshyttan construction site Jakobshyttan construction site. Click to enlarge.

More Information:

Niclas Törnroos, niclas.tornroos (at)
Consultant, DynaRoad Oy

Martin Söder, martin.soder (at)
Project Engineer, Segermo AB

The project 7035 Mötesstation Jakobshyttan is a green field project with a total cost of about SEK 108 million (EUR 13 million). The item is roughly 3 kilometers of double-track railway work within the track portion Hallsberg-Mjölby and is located midway between Hallsberg and Degerön. It contains about 200,000 cubic meters of soil excavation and 80,000 cubic meters of rock excavation, as well as extensive associated works. It is built in 2013 and partly in 2014. Segermo AB works as the earthworks subcontractor for Svensk Järnvägsteknik.