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DynaRoad is a company specialized in project management for civil engineering and infrastructure construction. Owners, contractors and designers use DynaRoad products and services to save time and money by optimizing and controlling the production of large and complicated earthworks projects.

The DynaRoad solution combines in an unique way mass haul optimization, location based scheduling and production control.

All construction is location based

  • Plan, schedule, and control based on locations

All construction is based on resources

  • Plan, schedule, and control based on quantities, resources and production rates

All schedule deviations affect costs

  • Management based on production factors gives 4-8 weeks faster response time


DynaRoad 5 is a project management tool specially designed for heavy civil construction and earthworks management. The state-of-the-art software will take the users to a totally new level of production management, supporting each step in the process from early design to construction.

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In today's market situation companies need to constantly improve their processes towards higher efficiency and profitability. Effective IT solutions can provide the tools, but successful implementation is needed for real savings to be achieved. This is why DynaRoad services will support you in each phase of the project.

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DynaRoad software and services provide world-class solutions in project management for civil engineering and infrastructure construction such as: highways, tunnels, railways, area development and harbors.