E6 Hovinmoen-Dal

Country: Norway

Project size: 70 million euros (680 million NOK)

Construction period: 2007-2009

Main construction contractor: Mesta AS

Brief description: The E6 goes through the whole length of Norway starting in the south east at the border to Sweden and ending in the far north at the border to Russia. The E6 connects cities like Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmo (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), and Trondheim (Norway). The E6 Hovinmoen-Dal section includes the construction of 10,1 km 4 lane highway. The existing road is mainly 2 lane with 3 lane sections. The E6 Hovinmoen-Dal section is part of a larger project at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to construct 110 km of 4 lane highway north from the main airport (Gardermoen), finishing in 2015.

What DynaRoad was used for

  • Cut and fill optimization
  • Project division for earthworks
  • Schedule optimization
  • Production planning
  • Schedule and haul plan control and monitoring

Additional information:
Marcus Back, firstname.lastname@dynaroad.com