The DynaRoad software has been in use since 2001. The technology is an innovative combination of years of construction research at Helsinki University of Technology, modern software and optimization technologies, and industrial customer-oriented development. Today it is used by all major heavy construction contractors in Australia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and is being adopted by industry leaders worldwide.

Project Statistics

DynaRoad Ltd has consulted over 100 large scale heavy construction projects in 16 different countries. We have been working both for clients and contractors, helping chief estimators, project managers, project engineers and others keep focus on their main strength: finding better solutions for their projects.

  • Project length from 1 km to 230 km
  • Project cost from under 1 million to over 1 billion EUR

Reference Projects

VT 7 Hamina bypass, 170 M€

Road 49 Gustavstorp-Rude, 8 M€

Railway meeting station Jakobshyttan, 13 M€

Railway UFP 01 Vestfoldbanen, 180 M€

Road 40 Dållebo-Hester Ulricehamn, 62 M€

Norvik Port in Nynäshamn, Sweden

Tunnel UFP 07 Storberget, 140 M€

Motorway E18 Homstvedt-Melleby, 53 M€

Interchange Kehä III Lentoasemantie, 50 M€

Interchange Kehä III V4 - V7, 42 M€

Norrtälje bypass (Västra vägen - Väg 76), 23 M€

Railway modernization E6 Dovrebanen FP2, 210 M€

Road 50 between Mjölby and Motala, 210 M€

Road E4 Myre-Skönsmon, 130 M€

Road E22 Hörby Norra - Linderöd, 21 M€

Motorway E18 Muurla - Lohja, 335 M€

Railroad Kerava - Lahti, 331 M€

Motorway E6 Hovinmoen - Dal, 70 M€

...and over 100 other projects.