DynaRoad at E22 Hörby Norra - Linderöd

DynaRoad works together with Kreera and ODEN (part of STRABAG) on the Swedish project E22 Hörby Norra - Linderöd. The contract includes widening of 8,5 km existing road to highway, construction of 15,5 km new highway, two interchanges, 4 bridges and 10 km local roads. Tender amounts to approx SEK 185 million (EUR 21 million).

DynaRoad and Kreera work with design optimization, where mass balance and short haul distances are the main goal. DynaRoad and ODEN work with accurate production planning, taking into account existing traffic, which divides large parts of the project, and other production restrictions.

ODEN is a subsidiary of STRABAG, one of Europe's largest construction companies. ODEN is one of the fastest growing civil engineering companies in Sweden with a turnover more than SEK 1 billion.

Kreera is a Swedish Malmö based civil engineering design company responsible for the full design of E22 Hörby Norra - Linderöd.

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