DynaRoad is now MAGNET

We help you build a streamlined field-to-finish workflow!

DynaRoad and Viasys VDC have joined their forces, and you can now find our software solutions as part of Topcon’s MAGNET software family.

With our new cloud-based solutions, you can ensure smooth collaboration between project owners, surveyors, contractors and designers knowing that your work is connected and none of your data will be lost during the projects.

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DynaRoad software is rebranded to MAGNET Project

MAGNET Project provides everything you need for a streamlined digital earthworks workflow. Manage projects in 3D, evaluate different options and costs, and create realistic and accurate earthwork plans on a map. Location-based construction planning and scheduling helps you to tackle costly safety issues, resource conflicts, and construction delays all in one go. This project management tool is excellent for heavy civil construction and earthworks management.

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In today's market situation companies need to constantly improve their processes towards higher efficiency and profitability. Effective IT solutions can provide the tools, but successful implementation is needed for real savings to be achieved. This is why we will support you in each phase of the project.

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Our software and services provide world-class solutions in project management for civil engineering and infrastructure construction such as: highways, tunnels, railways, area development and harbors.