Production Planning

The purpose of our production planning services is to produce a detailed location based schedule. The production plan produced is resource based and depending on the project, also includes a thorough mass usage plan. For projects with design responsibility included the service offers a great advantage. DynaRoad Ltd can fast and easily test the feasibility of different design alternatives and analyze their effect on project execution. A great part of the service is focused on searching for better execution solutions together with the customer.

Service Content

Depending on the customer need the services consist of:

  • Mass usage and haul plan made in DynaRoad Plan.
  • Project division into independent construction zones.
  • Improvement suggestions regarding execution plans and designs.
  • Updating the production plan depending on the approved changes.
  • Analyzing the effect of the changes compared to the original plan.
  • Optimizing the use of resources.
  • Resource based location scheduling including holidays, milestones and other time restrictions.
  • Scheduled mass usage plan including detours for usage breaks, resource capacity and other mass haul restrictions.
  • Map based scheduling and visualization.
  • Traffic planning and visualization on map, presented as animation or snapshots.
  • Risk assessment regarding time, resource and mass use.


The production plan service produces a realizable resource based schedule and mass haul plan. Additionally the risks and bottlenecks of the project will be analyzed by studying time, resource and material use in the project. One critical path can easily be visualized with traditional methods, but often large scale projects tend to be more complex with several critical paths and dependencies that we can easily visualize.

For further information regarding the DynaRoad Services please do not hesitate to contact us.